Stay high - How Optimism helps you live longer

Is the glass half full or half empty? We've asked us that long enough and everyone knows the answer. We can lie to ourselves pretending it is "full" but actually we feel "empty". It's an early stage of "Burnout" caused by society and all the responsibilities that weighs down on our shoulders. Working on a positive mindset instead of only blowing off steam can have a tremendous effect on our health! Here's why:

It's a proven fact that keeping a positive mind will cause a positive effect on your body over all. A recent study by the American Journal of Epidemiology has showed that women who stay positive compared to less optimistic women over a significant time span of more than 8 years have a lower risk of deadly diseases like cancer, stroke or infection. In fact the gap between optimistic and pessimistic women was almost at 30% discrepancy of whose more or less likely to suffer from any of these diseases. Some might wonder how researchers split women into two groups of more/less optimistic. Well, here's how they measured 'optmimistic attitude': "We evaluated the association between and cause-specific mortality in women after considering the role of potential confounding (sociodemographic characteristics, depression) and intermediary (health behaviors, health conditions) variables.", says the health report. In addition to that reasearchers claim that "a higher degree of optimism was associated with a lower mortality risk".

Change yoUr life by FOcusing on the good things in life

Easier said that done, right?! Ways to change the own way of thinking to the better seem pretty easy: Simple things like scribbling down the things in life that make you happy or where you felt most appreciated and respected in the work field as well as with friendships can have a positive effect on your approach to life. In other words: Life is what you make it. Make every day count! Appreciate the little things in life as long as they make you happy. That's the key to a much healthier and better life. What's your thought on that? Comment below to let us know. Any advice? Nice!

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